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Why Replace your AC Unit?

If you’re thinking about replacing your home system, you’ve come to the right place! Air nation Conditioning offers free estimates on home system replacements. Whether your current air conditioner is failing or you're simply looking to save money on cooling bills in Deltona, installing a new air conditioner can offer many benefits. Newer technology provides higher cooling efficiency, saving you money on your monthly bills. Additionally, if you've been scheduling frequent air conditioning repairs due to an old or ailing AC unit, a new unit will eliminate these costs for years to come.

Benefits of Upgrading

Higher Efficiency
Older air conditioners are not as efficient as newer ones simply because technology has improved over the past few decades. Upgrading your air conditioner to a similar—but newer—model can improve your home's cooling efficiency by up to 40%. Improved cooling efficiency translates directly into lower utility bills because your air conditioner converts more of its input energy into cooled air without wasting energy. Some of today's most popular high-efficiency air conditioners, such as Trane or Rheem AC units, have SEER values of 17-18, making them much less expensive to operate than older models with SEER ratings of 10-13.

Proper Sizing
Even if your old air conditioner is not failing, high energy bills and low cooling capacity could indicate that it isn't sized properly for your home. An air conditioner that is too small or too large for your home won't cool your space efficiently. It also costs more to operate because your AC must work harder to achieve indoor comfort. An improperly-sized AC unit is also more likely to break under this added stress, requiring more frequent air conditioning repairs and costing you more money. When you purchase a new air conditioner, your air conditioner sales representative can help you determine the right sized unit for your home. Simply installing an air conditioner that is sized properly for your home can have a dramatic impact on your monthly cooling costs.

Schedule an HVAC inspection today to find out if you could benefit from a new air conditioner that's more efficient and properly-sized for your home.

Heating and AC Units

Products RUUD RUUD American Standard American Standard
Product Name Product Name Product Name Product Name
Rating Top of the Line Standard Top of the Line Standard
Description The EcoNet Smart Home System provides advanced air & water control for maximum energy savings and ideal comfort. Energy Efficiency - Feature 17-SEER cooling rating across all capacities. Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressor. This inverter driven compressor provides three stages of heating and cooling operation for maximum comfort and energy savings. The overdrive feature in heating provides heating down to 7°F. New composite base pan – dampens sound, captures louver panels, eliminates corrosion and reduces number of fasteners needed 14-15 SEER Scroll compressor Composite base pan for quieter operation AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner. A system that works smarter. Our AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 Air Conditioner comes with AccuComfort™ technology that allows the system to adjust to run at a more efficient speed to maintain your personal level of comfort. Up to a 21.00 SEER rating, this A/C system is one of the most efficient multi-stage cooling units on the market. Up to 21.00 SEER Multi-staged cooling with maximum comfort and humidity control Quietest operation compared to nearest competitors Silver Series SI Air Conditioner Reliable American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning at its most affordable. Solid efficiency 14 seer Consistent comfort through single-stage cooling Peace of mind that's easy on your wallet
Warranty Details

10-year limited warranty on compressor
10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts.
10-year limited warranty on outdoor coil. 1 year labor warranty Air Nation

10-year limited warranty on compressor 10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts. 10-year limited warranty on outdoor coil. 1 year labor warranty Air Nation

12-year limited warranty on compressor.
12-year limited warranty on compressor. 10-year limited warranty on outdoor coil.
10-year limited warranty on internal functional parts.
1-year warranty on labor from Air Nation

10 Year limited warranty on compressor
10 Year limited warranty on coil
10 Year limited warranty on internal functional parts
1-year warranty on labor from Air Nation

Why Choose Air Nation?

  • Experience – Your heating and air conditioning system is a complex system. Properly installing and maintaining these systems is not easy. At Air Nation, heating and air conditioning is our only business – that means we can focus on providing our customers with the most up-to-date HVAC technology and products available.

  • Stability – As a family-owned company, we’ll be here tomorrow to stand by what we service and sell today.

  • Reputation – Air Nation Heating and Air Conditioning has built a reputation of putting the needs of our customers first every single time, delivering a greater standard of excellence. Our priority is to enhance your family’s comfort, health and safety through high-quality heating and cooling products, superior technicians and innovative technology.

  • Respect for your home – When an Air Nation technician enters your home, you can be 100% confident that they'll leave your home in the same condition it was in before they arrive. To protect your floors and carpets and avoid tracking in dirt, all technicians are trained to respect your home. Rest assured, we go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done cleanly and that your property is undamaged.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – When an Air Nation Heating & Air Conditioning service technician comes to your home, he is trained to fix the problem right the first time. If you’re not happy with the quality of our work, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

  • Up-Front Pricing – There are never any hidden charges or last-minute add-on fees. We charge by the job, not by the hour. And Air Nation, technicians will always tell you the price before they begin work and give you options so you can make a wise decision for you and your family.

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