Washing Machine Repair

Try to DIY

You don’t have to call a repairman to fix everything that goes wrong with your appliances. In fact, you can save a lot of money repairing your appliances on your own. Consider tackling these projects yourself.

Wet dishes:
Check the heating element and replace if needed.

Food in filter:
Clean the filter and remove large particles from dishes. Detergent residue: A damp dosing chamber may be caused by blockage (i.e., bulky dishes) near the door.

Not draining:
Check the drain hose for kinks and ensure that there are no clogs in the filter system, which needs to be regularly cleaned.

Remove any food stuck in the side of the machine or the filter; clean the filter regularly.

Tips on extending the life of your appliance

Clean out the lint trap after each load to improve efficiency and reduce the chance of a fire.

Have the outside vent inspected annually.

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